Sales Price of Property  $
Selling Agent Commission (%)%  $
Listing Agent Commission (%)%  $
Mortgage Payoff  $
Second Mortgage Payoff  $  
Third Mortgage Payoff  $  
Lien/Judgment Payoff #1  $
Lien/Judgment Payoff #2  $  
Prorated Property Taxes   $       Annual Tax: Closing Date:
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Estimated Final Water/Sewer Bill  $
Closing Cost Concession/Credit to Buyer% or  $
HOA Dues  $   
Owner's Title Insurance  $
Escrow Fee (Seller Side Only)  $
Reconveyance Tracking Fee  $
Lien Release Fee  $
Excise Tax  $
Estimated Net Proceeds to Seller  $  
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DISCLAIMER: This calculator is intended as a tool to utilize in determining ESTIMATED net proceeds for a sale. Prestige Escrow makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of this quote. An escrow officer has not reviewed a purchase contract or title report for the subject transaction to determine all final costs and pro-rations. All estimates obtained through the use of this calculator are dependent upon the accuracy of the information entered. Title premiums quoted are estimates only based on various local title company's homeowner's policy rates, cushioned and averaged. Additional fees and pro-rations may apply. There is NO WARANTY, express or implied, for the accuracy of this information.

Seller Net Proceeds Calculator